Julien Dollon

Management, Ingénierie & Science de l'informatique

What I learned in my last project as a tech lead #3

Every time I’m close to ship a new product, I do a retrospective on myself and the top 10 things I’ve learn as a technical leader. I did it for Service Catalog and for AWS Marketplace Cluster support. For now, the summary of things I learned are: Dependencies is where shit happens Do not wait to go full continuous deployment Building a new service is not free Always be customer obsessed Have a vision and share it to your team Do not increase too much the complexity of your data-flow because of ownership Go in beta AS SOON as possible […]


What am I looking for during a code review?

  I’m an experienced code reviewer. It’s my passion and it’s probably what I enjoy the in my engineering career. I love it even more than writing code myself. CR helps to maintain high quality software, to grow engineers, to force consistency across the source code and to have a chance to catch hidden technical debt before it’s too late. Code reviews also can be used as a change management (CM) mechanism.   All human beings make mistakes, the absence of code reviews is a big sign demonstrating a manager’s neglect for their engineer’s personal growth and reluctance to avoid […]