Julien Dollon

Management, Ingénierie & Science de l'informatique

The laws of Software Development

  Software Development is a recent discipline; we are just at the beginning of finding out how to build good software. 1 years ago, “serverless” system was unknown, 5 years ago we were all working on relational database, 10 years ago nobody was writing unit tests, 15 years ago we were working with waterfall processes instead of agile. We, developers, are writing the history of Software Development. It is so exciting to be at the beginning of a new science. As I read books and Wikipedia, I discover laws and I wanted to compile them into one big list. Let […]


Is scaling up a software engineering organization the right solution to increase velocity of innovation?

As an engineer, I’ve been working for a while for high tech giant like Microsoft or Amazon. I also worked a lot with SMB. The first things I noticed as I joined those big structure is how slower big companies are compare to small structures when it comes to shipping Software. After 5 years of observation, I think I can explain it with multiple reasons. First, the business is often running at a higher scale which force the technical bar to be higher: going through an operation readiness review at Amazon Web Services or a Gold Build Image Readiness at […]